Feeling like an emotional mess a little too often? 

And no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get over it or let things go?


UnMess Your Emotions!

Unmess Your Emotions is a 2 hour emotional management crash course chocked full of step by step skills, tools and mindset shifts to help you stop over-stressing, overthinking, over-worrying and taking things personally…

And start feeling more grounded, content, present and in charge of your emotions.

Learning the skills, tools and mindset shifts to keep yourself from being overwhelmed by your emotions are called Emotional Management Skills.

If you obsessively second guess yourself, over-analyze everything and beat yourself up for even the slightest misstep - this course is for you


If you find that when you’re upset, telling yourself to “just get over it” isn’t cutting it, and often makes you feel worse - this course is for you


If you worry a lot about what other people think about you, and just want the self-doubt and over-thinking to stop - this course is for you.


If you talk yourself out of doing things you really want to do because you feel intimidated or fearful - this course is for you


If you flail between the extremes of feeling awesome about yourself one minute and a complete hot mess the next - this course is for you


If you’re ready to feel more calm, present and in charge of your mind & emotions... 


This is a deep dive, emotional management skills crash course that teaches foundational and advanced emotional management skills to get you back in the driver's seat of your own emotions.

What You’re Going to Learn in this Jam-Packed Live 2 hour Crash Course:

What is emotional management

What is emotional mis-management

A specific, step by step process to stop you from over thinking practically everything

The subconscious thought patterns that are causing you to struggle the most (this is the fun stuff!)

Where emotions are stored in the body and how to release them

How to tune into what’s really underneath the difficult emotions so you can get unstuck and past them faster

The difference between healthy coping and unhealthy coping and how to choose the specific coping skills that will work best for you.

Several specific emotional management skills so you can get yourself together and start feeling more like yourself again.

99 quick and simple healthy coping skills to use anytime and anyplace. 

What’s Included:

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(for a limited time - regular price $197)

Meet Julia: Your Instructor


I’m Julia, and I’m a former overstresser, overthinker, overworrier, but I've done my homework, and have learned how to manage my mind and emotions...which is why I’m super pumped about teaching you how to do it too. 

I also have a Master's degree in psychology so EVERYTHING I teach is not only based on tested and true theories and methods that work with myself and my hundreds of happy clients and students, but that are also backed by robust research - so none of this making crap up as I go along B.S.

In other words, I know what works because I’ve researched and studied the heck out of it all, AND I’ve used these methods with real life people, and have seen them work crazy well.

My superpower is bringing a clarity to the complex inner workings of our minds and emotions that will have you saying "How the heck did you know I was thinking or feeling that way??? I feel like you get me from the inside out."

And I do. I really do.

I can't wait to guide you to the other side of this one. 


The 2 hour jam packed workshop

A separate audio recording to listen to on-the-go

A FREE 22 page emotional management key points guide

Brain-rewiring Integration exercises to practice and solidify what you learn


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