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You already felt anxiety regularly, but with all the uncertainty and major changes happening now, stress and worry are hitting extra hard. 



You're socially isolated and alone with your thoughts.

You’re trying to keep it together...

But it feels like overwhelm and anxiety are taking over. 

What's happening around you is heavy...

... But you still want to feel lighter, calmer, better. 

The Good News: 

Within a few weeks, my thought work tools and mindset coaching will reduce your anxiety and teach you how to be unshakable from the inside out - no matter what's going on in your life... or the world.

I'm going to teach them to you in: 

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These are the tools you've been looking for, and will soon wonder how you ever lived without it.


The reality is: 

You’re anxious and stressed. 

... But you don't have to lay awake at night wondering what's to come.

You live your life in fear of the future. 

... But the future is something you can feel excited about.


Despite this new, overwhelming way of life you’ve been thrust into… the working from home, never able to leave the home, potential job instability, and the lasting impact this will have on the economy...
hardly a second passes without worrying about how this will all end up.
You WANT to take this time to slow down and just be present and feel grounded. You really WANT to trust that you're going to be okay...
 But that kind of optimism just feels foreign right now.

No matter how much your brain is spinning right now...

Or how out of control your emotions feel...

I can teach you the necessary tools to feel calm, grounded and present...

No matter what’s going on in your life, or in the world.

  You've been searching for concrete methods to help you feel centered even in times of uncertainty, and to feel grounded even when everyone else is panicking.
  You've longed for the kind of confidence that allows you to set healthy boundaries so you can take good care of yourself without feeling guilty.
  And what you need are actionable, effective tools for ridding yourself of the negative, catastrophizing messages in your head you've been fighting rather than dealing with.

The Shift Society will give you the tools you need to change how you think and feel everyday, and more!

I’ve been working closely with the current members of the Shift Society during these uncertain times.


Our community is the place to:

 learn these life-altering tools so that, even in the midst of a global pandemic, you can stop the anxiety dead in its tracks.

 get extra support from a licensed therapist (at a price you can afford!) during these shaky times, and beyond.

 find a positive, safe haven of people, experiencing the same life challenges, to turn to for answers, encouragement and accountability.

Change your thoughts and your life in The Shift Society.

In our online community you’ll be coached on how to heal, grow, feel at peace and connected, at a time in our lives when physical connection is impossible.

You’ll learn how to mange your thoughts and properly deal with anxiety and doubt, and build confidence and strength...

All while being supported by an expert therapeutic coach and community of incredible humans who are doing the same.


These tools will teach you how to manage your mind and your emotions. 


This is a community you can turn to. Anytime, for anything.

... You don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

This community and our expert coaches offer guidance in dealing with all your daily challenges...

... Like trying to stay focused and motivated while working from home.

... Or trying to stay calm and grounded amidst a global crisis. 

You'll have The Shift Society’s mind managing tools and teachings, coupled with a positive and supportive community that are going to help you come out the other side of this, or any of life's challenges, stronger and more confident and grounded than you were before.

Healing, growing, and grounding happen when you have the proper tools. 


Join The Shift Society now and change your life with:

Teaching that dig deep into your negative, self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs, and shows you exactly what's holding you back.

Tools to help get your confidence up and your anxiety down. 

 An expert therapeutic coach to guide you and hold you accountable.

A support group to cheer you on.

 Transformation you didn't know was possible. 
The Shift Society Membership is your one-stop hub to get the tools you need to help you control how you think and feel - even amidst a colossal (think, global) storm!

Along with the community and connection you've been craving.



This membership is for you if you’re ready to change your default way of being, and the trajectory of the rest of your life:

Feel calm, grounded and umesswithable no matter what life, your loved ones, or anyone else throws at you. 

Believe in who you are, and who you were meant to be

Hold the tools to step up and step into whatever life throws at you, and the keys to the driver seat.

Learn a fool-proof process for exactly what to do when you are emotionally triggered, so you can stop fear, worry and anxiety dead in their tracks.

Connect with other committed men and women who are ready to call the shots over their minds and emotions.

You are ready. 

Here's how we break down the program, and get you in the drivers seat of your life:


A 7-lesson pre-recorded mind and emotion management course that helps you change how you think and feel and show up everyday - no matter what's going on in your life.

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Once a month, we’ll be focusing on a SPECIFIC area of your life to shift and grow. Taking FOCUSED action is the best way my clients (and myself!) have healed and overcome the things in our lives that have been holding us back, and I’m here to give you these same tools and strategies to use in YOUR life every month.


This membership is like having a therapeutic coach in your back pocket. Twice a month, we’ll be doing a group Q&A session to answer ANY questions you have about specific areas of your life that need extra support. We'll also be doing a once a month hot seat session where you'll get a chance for 1:1 coaching from Julia. Whether you need clarification on how to handle a situation, help with a new tool, or just a good old pep talk, Julia's got you covered. 

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This community is here to lift you up, support you, and make sure you never forget that you deserve a life you love! Each month, my team and I will be checking in to make sure you’re on track, making the shifts, and truly feeling like the amazing human you are. We’re here to make sure you stay focused, consistent, and out of your own way. 


This is the heart and soul of the Shift Society. A place to belong, and be held accountable, with 24/7 access to a community of like-minded people, experiencing and working toward similar shifts and transformations, who are all committed to evolution, healing, growth, and empowerment and excited to trade ideas, discuss this work, and help you apply it to your own life. 

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Monthly, live guided mindfulness exercises (and all the recordings to keep) to heal and rewire your brain from an anxious, overthinking, self-doubting one to a calm, confident, empowered one.

What is it like to be part of The Shift Society?

After a month in the Shift Society, you’ll notice that you’re feeling a lot lighter and more relaxed. 

Your emotions aren’t on a rollercoaster. You’re staying on top of things without feeling anxious and overwhelmed and you’re beginning to see a shift in your self-confidence. You’re spending less time comparing yourself to others, and more time learning to be kind to yourself.


After two months in the Shift Society you’ll realize it’s been a while since you got all worked up about the small stuff.

Without realizing how it happened, you just feel less judgmental of yourself and everyone around you. You don’t get all bent out of shape when something unexpected happens, because you know you can handle it. You’re more understanding and patient with yourself and those around you.


After three months in the Shift Society, your brain starts doing the work on it’s own - without having to try so hard. 

You’re much more present and calm. You’re effortlessly doing things you used to avoid. You’re naturally thinking in more positive, productive, and helpful ways. You’re showing up in your personal life as the magnetic, loving, and happy person you’ve always wanted to be.



Whatever you want from life and your relationships, you have the tools to make it happen. And the one thing you know for sure is that the Shift Society will be there to help you get wherever you want to go.

And because sometimes too much of a good thing is a great thing, there's more:


In addition to all of this life changing teaching, learning, and support that’s about to become your favourite part of the week, you also get these amazing bonus resources once you've finished your six-week introductory Shift Society Mind & Emotion Management Course:


The meditation you’re going to do whenever you’re feeling down about yourself and need to connect back with who you truly are. 



25 Brain Rewiring phrases that will change your mindset and help you feel calm, confident and unstoppable. 



A simple, but effective set of tools to help you turn your mind-off and be more grounded and calm in the present moment. 



My recommended reading list, full of great books and resources so you never feel clueless or held back in any area of your life. 



You'll get the first opportunity to sign up for all of my future live events, trainings/workshops, and other offerings.


$97 USD




$804 USD


[works out to $67 USD/month] 


Still on the fence? Not sure this is right for you right now?

Join for a month and see how you like it - if you love it, stay. If not, you will still get several life shifting tools and teachings, and notice significant changes after just one month. 


I know, you have a lot going on already. But here’s what I can promise you:

The reason you’re overwhelmed isn’t actually your job, your kids, your friends, your commitments or your family.

It’s your mind and your thought patterns.

When you don’t know how to say no, when you take on things you don’t want to do out of guilt and obligation, when you’re constantly worried about your own worth and what other people think of you, do you know what happens? 

You feel exhausted and overwhelmed All. The Time.

The Shift Society will solve this issue and beat the overwhelm and exhaustion.

When you manage your mind and emotions, you feel like you have plenty of time to do the things that matter most to YOU. 

And the best news, all of that time you’re currently wasting on social media trying (but failing) to feel good about yourself, you’ll now spend in the Shift Society, feeling inspired, and empowered, and supported instead.

You deserve to have the tools to change your life.

This is for you. 

To take charge of your ONE AND ONLY, precious life

This isn’t a dress rehearsal and there are no do-overs.

Come and check it out for a month – there’s no requirement to stay – you owe it to yourself to see if this is what’s going to get you to the next level in your life.  

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