How often do you find yourself standing there with something that you really want to say, but don't because you worry about offending someone?
Do you ever want to just say your piece without stressing about what others will think about you? 
Have you ever stopped yourself from speaking up because you were worried you'd just get ignored or dismissed? 
Are you ready to be able to finally speak up and say what you want to say in ways people will hear and respect?  
Good news! You are in the exact right place.

So you can have closer and healthier relationships
So people know what's okay and what's not okay with you. 
So you can stop feeling stuck, run over, and frustrated, and feel more CONFIDENT in who you are. 
We all need to be able to speak and feel heard without over-stressing about being misunderstood or creating conflict.

And in this communication crash course, you're going to learn exactly how.

What You're Going to Learn:

  • The Big 6 Communication Styles, how to know which one you are, and how to start using the ones that are most effective
  • The 6 Most Common Communication Myths that stop us from sharing our truth and being assertive, and how to turn these ones right around
  • The counter-intuitive secret to saying exactly what you’re thinking or feeling without offending or upsetting anyone
  • How to use “I statements” the proper way (hint - most people teach them wrong)
  • The simple 4 step formula for asserting yourself clearly without ticking anyone off
  • The 4 most common roadblocks to effective communication and how to easily overcome them
  • 11 simple and straightforward tools and techniques to become more assertive in ways that feel right and easy for you
  • The 4 most common Threat Words most people use unintentionally that cause conflict, and the 4 Power Words to replace them with to create a positive outcomes
  • And a lot more!

What's Included:
2 jam packed hours of video lessons that are  going to both change the game in how you communicate, and help you become a whole lot more confident. 

It's full of simple, effective & mindset shifting tools, skills and strategies all ready for you to start using right away and also includes a Speak and Feel Heard Key Points Guide that you can go back to anytime for quick reference

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