A masterclass on assertive communication, full of repeatable scripts, actionable steps and a toolbox of resources to become the clear and confident communicator you've always wanted to be. 

Do you constantly...

  • Have a hard time sharing what you REALLY think - especially with your boss, close friends or your family?
  • Replay conversations in your head and pick apart what you might have said wrong?
  • Worry people will shut you out if they disagree with you?
  • Feel obligated to do the things others expect of you even when you really don't want to?

I honestly didn’t realize living differently was possible.

After a lifetime of holding back and constantly editing myself to appease others, I knew something had to change. That something was ME. I dug deep, did the research and am now sharing the system for communicating with confidence - all while being respected and heard.

You've believed to the lie that being a good person means saying 'yes' and putting everyone else's wants and needs before your own.

But the TRUTH is— 

Sharing your honest thoughts and feelings leads to a happier and more confident YOU, and creates healthier, stronger relationships.

What you want, think, need and feel matters. 

Your energy matters. Your time matters. Your boundaries matter.

And with the right tools, you can communicate what you need to, when you need to in clear, kind and confident ways.

Ways that will be heard and RESPECTED.

It can be scary to speak up.

Maybe, like many of my clients, when you've spoken up in the past, there were consequences.

  • Maybe you were shut down by your parents.
  • Maybe you were rejected by your classmates or ridiculed by a teacher.
  • Maybe you were criticized by a boss, or given judgemental looks by co-workers.
  • Or maybe you can't remember a time in your life where you felt confident enough to just speak up.

The GREAT news— now you have the ability to change the things in your life that aren't serving you.

Even if the idea of speaking up or setting a limit feels terrifying… Even if putting your needs first seems impossible.

You absolutely CAN: 

  • Have closer, healthier relationships (because, believe it or not, putting everyone before yourself has serious long-term implications)
  • Stop feeling like you're not in control of your own life 
  • Have clear boundaries your loved ones respect
  • Be the kind of confident communicator you've always wanted to be. 

The truth is this—


Suppressed feelings and keeping yourself stuck is.

And it took me too many years to learn that myself.

I had to learn that I was not required to meet everyone else's expectations.

And that speaking up honestly and with confidence feels really hard

That’s why, after years of working as a licensed professional and developing my own stand-up-for-myself resources, I’ve put together the training and mindset tools that will ACTUALLY help you change how you show up and speak up every single day of your life. 

Learn to be a courageous and confident communicator in:


A masterclass on assertive communication.

Here’s what you’ll receive, immediately

  • 2 hours of jam-packed material from me *Julia*, a licensed therapist who spent YEARS helping people like you overcome these same problems 
  • Life-changing scripts and formulas for exactly what to say in difficult  situations at work, with family or friends, and daily conversations - so you are truly equipped to step into any situation.

  • Your own “Speak and Feel Heard Key Points Guide” that you can use or print for ongoing reference in day-to-day whenever you need 


The Communication Styles Ruling Your Life

You’ve heard of the love languages. These are the “communication” languages that deeply affect all of the relationships in your life.

In this section, you’ll learn:

- Which of the 6 Communication Styles you are and WHICH ones are most effective 

- What trigger words you're using that are unintentionally setting people off...and how to change these immediately


The Startling Lies You’ve Been Told

- The 6 Most Common Communication Myths that stop us from sharing our truth and being assertive, and how to turn them around.

- Why the way you've probably learned to use “I Statements” doesn't work...and the proper way to use them so they will

- How to use empathy as a powerful strategy to get people to listen to and respect what you have to say



Simple Tools For ANYONE To Share Their Opinions Guilt-Free

- The 1 super effective, but counter-intuitive secret to saying exactly what you’re thinking or feeling without offending or upsetting anyone

- The simple 4 step formula for asserting yourself clearly without creating conflict

- The 4 most common roadblocks to assertive communication and how to easily overcome them

- 11 simple and straightforward tools and techniques to become more assertive in ways that feel right and easy for you

- The 4 most common Threat Words most people use unintentionally that cause conflict, and the 4 Power Words to replace them with to create the outcome you want

- And a ton more!

For less than the cost of dinner, find your voice and the confidence to speak up.

I’m guessing you feel guilty almost ANY time you invest in yourself. Whether it be a nice dinner, or new running shoes, you think hard about whether you feel deserving.


Imagine how it would feel to speak up confidently, without fear of judgement or being disliked?

  • To disagree without feeling paralyzed?
  • To communicate with empathy and also be respected?
  • To say no to the things you don’t want, without offending others?
  • To throw your hat in the ring and have your ideas and desires heard?

Show up for yourself today, and feel good about it.

And for less than the cost of new running shoes.

TOTAL: $97 

ONLY $47

(for a limited time)

Now it's your turn to become the clear, confident communicator you've always wanted to be. 

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