I'm Guessing You Currently..

  • Have a hard time sharing what you REALLY feel - especially to a parent, sibling, spouse or friend
  • Worry you’ve said the “wrong thing” and then later stress about whether you accidentally offended someone
  • Feel nervous that any conflict will make walk away from you
  • Find it near-impossible to say no - whether it's turning down a friend for coffee ('what if they feel hurt?!') or disagreeing with a family member ("What if they get angry with me?")

As a lifelong people pleaser myself, I honestly didn’t realize I could LIVE a different way.

Especially after becoming a mother *momma of 3 small humans here*, I discovered my mind had been programmed to believe that everyone else was the priority and saying no meant I was selfish.


That being a good person is always saying yes and giving to EVERYONE else - never yourself.

But here's the TRUTH: 

When you share your true opinions, you create a calmer, happier everyday life that makes you an inspiration to others AND deals with whatever's going on instead of just sweeping everything under the rug. 

This “actually say what you want” lifestyle may feel like it’s ONLY for other people.  

But as caring and considerate as you are toward’s time to be that caring toward yourself.

Thankfully, with the right tools and scripts, you can step into a new chapter of life where you are NOT burnt out giving to everyone else, AND still be a kind, respected person. 

The world NEEDS your opinions and thoughts. What you want DESERVE to be heard - no matter how you were raised.

I’m sure you’re like most of my clients - who (my heart breaks for) didn’t have the smoothest childhoods. Whether:

  • It was your sibling dynamic (youngest? oldest?), and it has affected how you see yourself
  • Your parent(s) were quick to criticize or didn’t make you feel your needs were valued
  • You went through hard things in your childhood, such as having critical teachers or you were bullied 
  • You have a lot of anxiety and aren’t even sure what set it off

Your brain adapted itself when you were a child to protect and help you deal with life the best it could. As kids, we learned to act in ways to made people around us happy - or we at least tried to. 

Now, the beauty is that you’re a grown adult with the POWER to change things.

Even if the idea of speaking up and sharing a different view feels terrifying… Even if NOT doing everything someone else wants seems impossible…

You absolutely have the ability within yourself to stand up in order to: 

  • Have closer, healthier relationships (*Saying no to that coffee date will keep you from becoming resentful because you never have time to yourself*)
  • Stop feeling stuck, helpless and not in control of your own life 
  • Have loved ones understand what’s okay and what is not (*Because, often, our family and friends don't even REALIZE what we need because we've never spoken up and told them*)
  • Be the kind of parent you want to be (*and show your children by modelling that their voice matters too*)

And here's the absolute truth:

You Speaking Up Does Not Cause Conflict.

Ultimately, keeping feelings within leads to MORE conflict and pent up emotion for years to come.

And if anyone in your life truly gets upset, remember that it’s NOT about you - it’s about them not dealing well with their own expectations

I know that speaking up and saying what you want, need, think and feel with clarity and confidence can feel really hard

I know this is easier said than done.

That’s why, after years of working as a licensed professional and developing my own stand-up-for-myself resources, I’ve put together the training and mindset tools that will ACTUALLY help you change how you show up and speak up every single day of your life. 



A masterclass on assertive communication.

Here’s what you’ll receive, immediately

  • 2 hours of jam-packed material from me *Julia*, a licensed therapist who has spent YEARS helping people like you overcome these same problems 
  • Life-changing scripts and formulas for EXACTLY what to say in situations at work, with family or friends, and daily conversations - so you are truly equipped to step into any situation with a PLAN

  • Your own “Speak and Feel Heard Key Points Guide” that you can use or print for ongoing reference in day-to-day whenever you need 


The Communication Styles Ruling Your Life

You’ve heard of the love languages. These are the “communication” languages that deeply affect everyone in your life, far beyond your romantic partner. In this section, you’ll learn:

- Which of the 6 Communication Styles you are and WHICH ones are most effective 

- What triggers words that you're using that are unintentionally setting people off...and how to change these immediately


The Startling Lies You’ve Been Told

- The 6 Most Common Communication Myths that stop us from sharing our truth and being assertive, and how to turn these ones right around

- Why how others teach “I Statements” doesn't work...and the proper way to use them so they will

- How to use empathy as a powerful way to get people to listen to and respect what you have to say



Simple Tools For ANYONE To Share Their Opinions Guilt-Free

- The 1 super effective, but counter-intuitive secret to saying exactly what you’re thinking or feeling without offending or upsetting anyone

- The simple 4 step formula for asserting yourself clearly without creating conflict

- The 4 most common roadblocks to assertive communication and how to easily overcome them

- 11 simple and straightforward tools and techniques to become more assertive in ways that feel right and easy for you

- The 4 most common Threat Words most people use unintentionally that cause conflict, and the 4 Power Words to replace them with to create the outcome you want

- And a ton more!

For less than a single trip to Costco, find your voice and get newfound confidence.

I’m guessing you feel guilty almost ANY time you invest in yourself. Whether you consider getting a manicure or buying a new bag, you’re quick to think about if you REALLY need or even deserve it.

Your mental wellbeing and how you feel about yourself, is something you are stuck with for life. Not only that, how you show up for yourself changes how you feel about yourself from the inside out. 

Most importantly, this is a chance to do something amazing for the most important person in your life: You. Because you can’t help others if you're constantly stressed out and burned out. →

Today, you can step up for yourself and feel good about it.

While this course is a compilation of a decade of therapy work…

There’s currently a drop on price to make it even more accessible and affordable for you. The investment for you right now - for a limited time:

TOTAL: $97 

ONLY $47

For a tiny fraction of what therapists charge for merely an hour, get a two hour workshop with an incredible guide that you can reference at ANY time. 

You can spend another week, month, or year feeling trapped an frustrated by not letting yourself speak up, or...

Show yourself that you can have better, and start learning these tools right away. 

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