You're tired of bending over backwards for everyone else while no one really looks out for you.

It feels like you’re always trying to make others happy, and if you ever dare set a limit, you get pushback or guilt trips. 
No matter what you do, it never feels like you're doing it right or like it's enough. 

Or, it's that you secretly fear saying no because you're worried people will no long value, or even like you, if you do.   
As a grown adult woman who was stuck in her own fear of rejection, judgement and criticism, I get it.

You're trying really hard to make everyone else happy, and no one seems to care.

Most people in your life don’t appreciate all the stress it causes you to keep bending over backwards for them. To keep taking the extra's on. And to keep saying yes (when you REALLY want to say no). But the good news is, when you KNOW where your boundaries are and can communicate them confidently, all this will change.

Think about how much better you'd feel IF you were shown how to:
✓  Stand firm in your limits and teach others to respect them too
✓  Stop feeling pushed around and talked into things you really don't want to do
✓  Stop feeling so trapped with all the daily expectations and, instead just slow down and enjoy your life
✓  Say no without worrying that people will no longer like or value you
✓  End the need to justify your choices- and feel GOOD about listening to and living your own life for a change
You're exhausted, bordering on burnout, and starting to feel really resentful, but you still want people to value you. 

BUT what if people could still appreciate, respect, and like you even if you learned how to properly set healthy boundaries? 

Hi, I'm Julia, Registered Therapist and Ex-Boundary-Bender

I used to think it was my job to make EVERYONE ELSE happy and had crushing guilt if a friend or family member was upset for any reason (and pretty much thought it was always my fault if they were).

This led me to go along with what everyone else wanted, and in turn, lose myself in the mix of it all.

After years in my profession, and from doing my own inner work, the truth was revealed. 

While it's good to be there for others, it's not good for us if we're doing it at the expense of our emotional and mental wellbeing. 

And the other truth? Saying yes when we want or NEED to say no, is actually harmful to our relationships. 

That anger, resentment, or frustration you feel? It's only a matter of time before you explode and say something you regret, or implode and cut the relationship off all together.

Being honest and speaking up in caring but clear ways is one of the best things you can do for your relationships, I promise.

Want to know exactly how to do this? I’m going to show you.

With the right boundaries in place, you'll finally start listening to yourself and confidently setting your limits without feeling guilty, stressed or selfish.

And I'm going to teach you exactly how in:

Healthy Boundaries Bootcamp

The place to come when you're ready to learn how to stand up for yourself in caring and clear ways.

"This is the most thoughtful course I've ever done online - in my life. It's changed the way I see myself and my relationship with other people... Boundaries have brought me freedom."

~Teresa B.

Meet powerful techniques combined with real-life situations and interactions:

Designed with a mix of therapy practices and simple-to-use tools I’ve developed for myself and my clients over the years, Healthy Boundaries Bootcamp shows you how to speak up and confidently identify, set, and respect your limits... And feel GREAT about it. 

While I dive into such topics on my social media and Youtube channel, this program is a whole other scale of robust, deep dive information I’ve spent years developing, and will teach you how to apply what you're learning to your real life situations. 


I’ll show you how to discover your self worth and communicate your limits both personally and professionally, which is going to be SO much easier than you think.


Discover the shockingly healthy and effective ways to manage challenging situations and interactions that don't diminish your needs or leave you feeling trapped & helpless. 


By the end of this course, you’ll know how to handle any uncomfortable or emotionally triggering situation without feeling guilt, dread, or the urge to run away. 

To make sure you have EVERYTHING you need, the program’s broken into 6 phases :

Each video module has been intentionally crafted to include integration exercises to practice in your everyday life. 

You’ll be asked clarifying questions and be called to “perspective shifting”.

This is the process that will set you up for life-changing insights and actionable tools that you can take away and use in your most challenging situations and relationships.


  • The real reason you struggle with setting boundaries
  • How childhood affected how you handle conflict or saying NO - even decades later 
  • What healthy boundaries look (and don’t look!) like
  • The sure-fire signs that reveal WHEN a boundary is being crossed (because they’ve been walked on far more than you realize...but not for long) 
  • How to finally STOP feeling overwhelmed with everyone else’s problems and issues 
  • The simple way to share your needs without feeling like a high-maintenance jerk. 
  • My fail proof strategy for maintaining boundaries so they stay FOR LIFE
  • How to reframe unhealthy boundary beliefs into healthy ones that make everyone (from kids to coworkers) in awe of you
  • Saying no without feeling guilty and YES without feeling forced to *Finally!*
  • What boundaries are damaging vs. helpful
  • Why not having boundaries is actually HARMFUL to you and your relationships
  • How to deal with anyone ignoring or disrespecting your boundaries (Not today, Karen!)
  • When boundary setting gets confusing, here’s what to do  
  • Boundary fears that most of us are holding that are keeping us from having or setting healthy boundaries 
  • Simple truths that will help set boundaries with ease vs. MORE stress (You don’t need more of that!)
  • Get scripts for exactly HOW to set specific boundary with phrases for you to pull out and use in ANY situation 
  • How to recognize the big positive changes boundaries you never go back to your old way of constant YES life... *no thank you* 
  • Strategies that make SURE these big positive changes stick for life
  • My fail proof strategy for maintaining boundaries so they stay FOR LIFE
  • How to reframe unhealthy boundary beliefs into healthy ones that make everyone (from kids to coworkers) in awe of you
  • Saying no without feeling guilty and YES without feeling forced to *Finally!*

BONUS 1 | The Little-Known Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) You’ve NEVER heard of 

This is a tapping session with Melanie Moore that is going to change your life. 

Melanie Moore is a mindset coach and EFT practitioner who uses techniques to chip away at emotional and mindset blocks that are blocking your happiness and causing you to struggle. With this knowledge, you can overcome your biggest obstacles and get to where you want, and feel how you want to feel.


BONUS 2 | The Step-by-Step Boundary Blueprint Phrasebook

This guide is your go-to for scripting exactly how to set your boundaries with others. Whether sending a text, writing an email, talking to (your mom?!) on the phone or speaking with your kids, this book is a sacral guide. It has powerful, yet kind and clear phrases, words, and strategies for your most challenging, intimidating and anxiety provoking situations. From the office to the bedroom, you’ll be breathing far easier knowing EXACTLY what to say. 

(Unlike when my 5 year old asked why we talk to God but can't see God!)

"What I want is okay. I can listen to other people and what their feelings are - and still have my own thoughts. I didn’t know how to take care of myself. One guy at work has been wanting to play tennis. I don’t want to play tennis but had said "sure!" Then thought, “why did I say that?!” - I didn’t want to do it, so being in tune with my needs has been huge."

~Kim B.


Julia Kristina is a clinical therapist, master coach and passionate Youtuber, who shows heart centered go-getters how to set boundaries, step away from people pleasing and create a life that is fulfilled, peaceful, and balanced. 

While it’s true that Julia has:

  • 180 000+ subscribers and has received 8 million+ views on Youtube
  • Been dubbed “Personal Growth Expert You Need to Follow” by 

The real fuel Julia has is every success story she hears and every message she receives from someone who thought they’d be trapped in people pleasing, overwhelm, resentment, and feeling unappreciated forever. This is what’s led her to create online courses like Healthy Boundaries Bootcamp that has been changing lives around the world. 

Listen to past students transformations.


In merely days, you can be happier, feel more focused and grounded, and on the path to a new, freer, and more confident self - but you have to FINALLY let yourself be a priority.

Here’s what you’re going to receive with the Healthy Boundaries Bootcamp:

✓ Six Comprehensive Video Teaching Modules
✓ Supplementary Integration Exercises for Each Lesson
✓  The Boundary Blueprint Phrasebook
✓  The EFT Tapping Session with Melanie Moore

Get more support, for the fraction of traditional therapy costs.

While working one on one with a therapist or coach to cover all of the material in this course would average around $3000...

This is your chance to get powerful therapist’s teachings and a toolbox full of life changing boundary setting tools & techniques for far less. Snag this opportunity while you can for only* → 


Break the Cycle of People Pleasing and Codependence for




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