Tired of being a PEOPLE PLEASER?

Tired of staying quiet just to keep the peace?
What you want matters. What you think matters. How you feel matters.

And you're going to learn all the tools you need to start listening to and respecting yourself more in: 


Healthy Boundaries Bootcamp

with Julia Kristina


Do you feel like you do everything for everyone, but then it's not reciprocated or even feels like it's all that appreciated?

  • Do you often feel like certain people don't treat you very well and you don't know how to get them to be more respectful of you and your needs?
  • Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed most days with all you have to do to the point you feel trapped in YOUR OWN LIFE?
  • Are you constantly feeling misunderstood and have the need to justify your wants and needs, while others seem to be able to always get what they want?
Weak boundaries leave us feeling frustrated, confused, powerless and stuck.

A lack of healthy boundaries is the root cause of many of your biggest problems.

But it doesn't have to be this way!  

You can feel strong, confident and in charge of yourself and your life.



You don't have to be a doormat or always give in to be respected and loved!

Healthy Boundaries Bootcamp empowers you with the tools you need to confidently say 'NO' when you want to and 'YES' when you mean it. 


Start believing in your worth so you can be the person you know you are inside.


Learn effective ways to manage challenging situations & resolve conflict in healthy, productive ways.


Know how to handle any uncomfortable situation without getting so uncomfortable. 

What's inside waiting for you?

*Six* Video Modules and Supplementary Integration Exercises So You Can Reinforce What You've Learned.

Each do-it-yourself video module comes with a set of integration exercises, clarifying questions and,  perspective shifting, to help you have deep insights and big shifts so that you can apply your new knowledge to real life situations.



Intentions & Awareness of Boundaries

    • Why  you struggle with having and setting boundaries
    • How your family (while growing up) kept you from learning how to have boundaries
    • What healthy boundaries looks like
    • The sure-fire signs to watch for to know when one of your boundaries  has been crossed
    • Understand why you're feeling angry, resentful, and frustrated with others for overwhelming you with their problems, demands, requests and needs.
  • •Share your needs without feeling selfish.


Getting Clear on What’s Important

    Getting clear on which areas of your life you struggle most with your boundaries
    • Getting clear on what keeps you from setting boundaries in those situations
    • Why our loved ones often have a hard time with our boundaries and how to get through that
    • Learning  what we value most in life, and how to protect and respect those things
    • Feel more confident, at ease, and empowered within yourself and your ability to show up authentically in your life and in your relationships.  
    • Recognize what your wants, needs and preferences really are and be able to communicate them in a healthy and effective way.


What’s Okay and What’s Not Okay When It Comes to Boundaries

    • The types of very unhealthy boundaries and how you can change those
    • Why not having boundaries can be really harmful to you and your relationships
    • How to tell if you boundaries are being ignored, mocked or disrespected and how to deal with that


Boundary Fears and Truths

    • Why boundary setting can be so confusing and overwhelming and what to do about that
    • Boundary fears that most of us are holding that are keeping us from having or setting healthy boundaries
    • Boundary truths that will guide and inform when to set healthy boundaries in the best way


Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

    • The specific step by step and fail proof strategy for setting your healthy and effective boundaries
    • Changing your mindset further about boundaries by reframing unhealthy boundary beliefs into healthy ones
    • Saying no without feeling guilty and YES without feeling forced to


Types of Boundaries and Seeing How Much You've Changed Through This Course

    • Specific boundary phrases for you to pull out and use in different situations
    • How to recognize the big positive changes healthy boundaries are and will continue to make in your life 
    • Strategies that will ensure of your work in this course will continue to make big positive changes in your life


Get these bonuses when you purchase now!


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka Tapping session with Melanie Moore

Melanie Moore (formerly Bundock) is a mindset coach and EFT practitioner who helps you clear the emotional and mindset blocks that are standing in your way and causing you to struggle, so you can overcome your biggest obstacles and get to where you want, and feel how you want to feel.


The Boundary Blueprint Phrasebook

In the Boundary Blueprint Phrase Book, an effective communication guide, you’ll find powerful, yet kind and clear phrases, words, and strategies for your most challenging, intimidating and anxiety provoking situations in both your personal and professional life.

What to expect from...

Healthy Boundaries Bootcamp

with Julia Kristina


You can expect the tools and guidance you need so you can think, feel, and respond to every single issue in a new and healthy way leaving you feeling positive, empowered and in charge of yourself and your life. You will have clear and HEALTHY boundaries.



Why this course is different?

Julia Kristina is a clinical therapist, leadership and performance coach, researcher, and digital course creator who teaches heart centered go-getters how their lack of healthy boundaries is one of the biggest things keeping them from being successful, having healthier and happier relationships, and feeling calm, confident, and courageous in their personal and professional lives. She’s also been featured in inc.com as a “Personal Growth Expert You Need to Follow”, has written for and been a guest expert contributor for several online personal and business development publications, and has grown a community of over 60,000 loyal followers and subscribers on social media. 

Healthy Boundary Bootcamp is everything you need to finally have the guidance and tools to take charge of your life and create your circumstances rather than feeling like a victim of your circumstances. Boundary Bootcamp enables you to have the freedom to live your best life!


What do our past students think of the course?

Lori K.

Kim B.

"I now have the confidence in who I am and know that what I want is okay. I no longer have to change what's good for me based on what others think"

Teresa B.

"This is the most thoughtful course I've ever done online. It's changed the way I see myself... Boundaries have brought me freedom."

Terry C.

"Julia gave me ideas on how to approach situations where I've been getting stuck in the past and gave me some new thought patterns."

Angela I.

"This course has really helped me ground myself again and helped me acknowledge that I have MORE value than always saying yes and always being available."

Katrine S.

"I can now say no and trust myself to make the right decisions for me."

Ready to start living your best life?



$197 USD

  • Six Comprehensive Video Teaching Modules
  • Supplementary Integration Exercises for Each Lesson
  • The Boundary Blueprint Phrasebook
  • EFT Tapping Session With Melanie Moore



I believe Boundary Bootcamp has the power to transform you when you fully complete all the modules, do the exercises in the workbook and  commit to the desired outcome and apply the boundary setting techniques demonstrated within. I'm so sure of this that I'm offering a 14 day money back guarantee. If you completed all the course curriculum and requirements, simply email us to get the entire cost of the course refunded. * Some restrictions apply.


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