Ready to stop obsessively second guessing yourself and worrying your face off about practically everything? 


If you're tired of your anxiety being out of control, of worrying about just about everything, of not being able to let things go, and of laying awake at night stressing about things that happened that day or everything that could go wrong the next, you're in the right place!


Do you find you get easily worried about things you can do nothing about?

Like your mind has been hijacked with upsetting thoughts, and even though you know you're getting unnecessarily worked up, you can't seem to make it stop, and then you get mad at yourself for feeling emotionally out of control?

Do you often lay in bed at night stressing about pretty much everything? 

Overthinking can feel like your mind is a cage of crazed monkeys creating all kinds of chaos that leaves you feeling physically & mentally exhausted.

Do you try to make everyone else happy, but then worry a lot about what they think about you?

You're running abound trying to meet everyone else's needs and expectations, but despite all you do, you constantly feel like you're failing.

Are you feeling trapped in self-doubt and not sure if you can keep going like this?

You want to feel good without having to try so hard. You want to focus on your work, your relationships and your biggest goals instead of whether or not you're good enough. You want it to be as easy for you as it seems to be for other people to just be HAPPY!

Do you secretly overthink and get stressed out about almost everything?

Like you can't stop feeling like you're waiting on pins and needles for something bad to happen, and fear that if you relax for too long, you're going to get blindsided by something terrible. 
Believe it or not, you CAN feel calm, confident and in charge of your emotions. You can learn to love, trust and feel amazing about yourself (as lofty as that sounds!)
You CAN breakthrough your worry, anxiety and self-doubt…Or, as I like to call it, the CRAP that’s holding you back.
Confidence is not just something other people have... it is fully available for you too, and the good news is, you can have it just by reprogramming your mind.

If you want to feel IN CHARGE of your mind, your emotions, and your life, keep reading.


What if you could finally....

  • Trust yourself and feel good about your decisions
  • Feel confident going into any new situation
  • Be able to handle whatever life has for you 
  • Stop worrying so much about what other people think about you
  • Stop wondering if you're good enough
  • Stop taking everything personally
  • Be able to put yourself out there and go for your dreams without second guessing yourself


Imagine feeling confident, calm, comfortable in your skin, and in charge of your emotions.

Imagine feeling free, uninhibited and unstoppable...

Imagine getting out of your head and finally living your freaking life!

These are the tools that will change your life.

Lets Rewire that Brain of Yours.

Let's reprogram and rewire that stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, self-critical, obsessy mind you’ve learned to have, into a more calm, confident and uncluttered one.
Because that negative recording you’ve got running on repeat in your head isn't helping and it's not getting better on its own.   
With The Breakthrough Coaching program, you’ll break the cycle of feeling out of control with your mind and emotions so you no longer have to just wish you had the confidence, the courage, the relationships, the self-love, and that deep sense of groundedness, you'll have it.
These are the tools that will change your life.

Meet Julia: Your new mind calming, confidence skyrocketing coach! 

I’m Julia, and I’m a former overstresser, overthinker, overworrier, and I know this emotional freedom first hand...which is why I’m super pumped about teaching you how to get here too.

I also have a Master's degree in psychology so EVERYTHING I teach is not only based on tested and true theories and methods that work with real life people, but that are also backed by robust research - so none of this making crap up as I go along B.S.

In other words, I know what works because I’ve researched and studied the heck out of it all, AND I’ve used these methods with hundreds of clients and students, and MYSELF, and have seen them work crazy well.

My superpower is bringing a clarity to the complex inner workings of our minds and emotions that will have you saying "How the heck did you know I was thinking or feeling that way??? I feel like you get me from the inside out." And I do. I really do. 


Ready to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life Without All the Worry, Anxiety and Self-Doubt?

It is possible to be calm, confident, resilient, brave, fearless, comfortable and confident with who YOU are.


What's Waiting Inside For You?
Breakthrough Coaching Program Includes:

11 Group Coaching sessions that are 90 minutes long and cover the following:


Week 1-4 Breakthrough Self-Doubt

In the first 4 weeks we're going to deep dive into understanding who you are. Who you REALLY are.

Not who you think you need to be, not who your parents, partner or friends expect you to be. Who YOU are.

You’re going to learn what’s actually important to you, what’s okay and not okay with you, the kinds of situations you thrive in, and what your biggest strengths are, and the biggest subconscious obstacles holding you back.

Because before you can love who you are, trust who you are and crazy believe in yourself, first you have to KNOW who you are. 


Week 5-8 Breakthrough Your Negative, Worry and Anxiety Provoking Thoughts

Here we will be deep diving into the tape you have on repeat that tells you how much you're failing at life, how much better other people are than you, how you’re not good enough, how horribly things are going to turn out, or how other people are judging and criticizing you.

The tape that's been inserted based on years of faulty programming through various life experiences you've had and messages you've been told…

And we’re going to re-record that useless, unhelpful and unhealthy tape into a more healthy, calm generating, safe feeling, confidence skyrocketing, and empowering one. 


Week 9-12 Breakthrough Feeling Emotionally Out of Control

Here we’re going to gain a solid understanding about the things that upset, trigger, or make you feel bad, or REALLY uncomfortable and emotionally out of control- or the things you do everything in your power to avoid.

In this section, you’re going to learn how to take life head on.

You’re going to learn how to manage your mind and emotions in powerful ways so that you can show up a do the hard things with confidence and charisma! 

Take The Leap And Finally Break Free From Worry, Anxiety and Self-Doubt

You CAN master your mind and emotions, love who you are and start living more CONFIDENTLY, FULLY and FREELY!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Breakthrough Coaching Program is a full 'Do The Work' money-back guarantee! If you go through the entire program and do not feel that is has changed your life in a significant way, you will receive 100% of your money back.

This program is for people like you, who want more from their lives but are stuck in their heads replaying past situations or worrying about future ones and constantly feeling overwhelmed by your emotions.

It is okay if you can't make all of the live sessions. You will be given access to the recording within 48 hours and that recording is yours to keep forever








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"Working with Julia has impacted my life by giving me the knowledge and resources to stand up to my negative thoughts. I no longer let anxiety, worry and self-doubt take over my life. My thoughts no longer feel draining and I finally have a sense of peace, knowing that I can trust myself to handle any situation. I cannot recommend this life-changing program enough! This is the best program out there to combat anxiety, worry and self-doubt, and the best part is, it's from a trained professional."

Shannon M.

"My self talk has changed. I know myself better and have come to accept myself more than I ever have before. I am happier overall in my life. And I have more self trust. This program has taught me so many tools and lessons to make my life feel manageable and happier. I don't wish I was someone else anymore, like I used to. I am forever grateful"

Kelly L.

"This program allowed me to become more aware of anxiety-inducing situations. Once identified, they are much easier to overcome… I Had a fairly stressful situation arise that left me feeling disappointed, and a bit like I was missing out. With the tools I learned in the program I was able to discover what was going on inside of me, which then allowed me to see the situation in a completely different way. Now, its stress quotient has gone down to almost zero.… I highly recommend the program. It will change your life."

Terry C.